Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hot Air Ballon :)

Hello ! Hye ! Ola ! Sawadikap :) hehe !

Yes ! Today was a BORING DAY nothing happen , yes i did wake up EARLY BECAUSE I DON'T SLEEP THE WHOLE NIGHT ! So i have NO STORY to tell you guys . .  And i SLEPT THE WHOLE EVENING :) . Seriously i don't know what to POST ! yes , me as usually ryte now updatig my blog , posting - liking - commenting on facebook , and twitter :) i guess thats for today . . Byeeeee :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hello bloggers & bitches ,

Hello , hye i have lotsa storaay ! okay this is what happen last night 4 in the morning , malam tu nana punya muka merah so nelly cakap lah basuh lah muka tu , so nana pon basuh - basuh - basuh . Pastu dia pergi basuh rambut dia pulak , haizzz -.- . And then nelly duduk dekat pintu so nana pon tengok kaki nelly nana baru nak tegur and then nelly tengok benda tu B E R G E R A K . Haizz , apalagi nelly pon menjerit lahh satu T O I L E T . Haiyaaaa ! Patut lah i bertakung . Korang nak tau ke apa benda tu ? Sebenarnya eeeee geli seyhhh ! L I P A N  !!! AHHH , yang pelik nyer mana L I P A N  tu datang dowh ? Sumpah M E N G E L I K A N ! Okay lain cerita pulak :) Erm , oh yeah malam tu teringin M c D hee , and then daddy pon bawak lah pergi beli :D , So nelly cakap dengan daddy nelly nak M c G R I L L padahal x pernah wujud pon lah M c G R I L L ni pon and then daddy *S T A R E S * Ouh , sorry dad M c C H I C K E N hee , so nana pon oderlah B I G M A C :) hee , setakat makan B I G M A C x makan
S A Y U R -.- . And then kitaorang pon balik ayah bawak kereta memang lah ayah bawak kereta ^^ . so masatu H U J A N lah pulak so time to pulak lah ada orang hantar T E X T dekat daddy so daddy pon apalagi buka S P E C K S dia tu and then baca -.- Car was speeding man ! haizz -.- nasib baik lah xde pape jadi . So kitaorang sampai rumah dengan  S E L A M AT :) So tu je okay B Y E - B Y E - B Y E .

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Just Can Sleep Tonight

Hello bloggers ,

i just can sleep tonight <--- lyrics justin bieber 'pray' :p , HAHA skip it :) . Yesh today nothing happen its like 1 in the morning . haiizz -.- . . What a bored night lah weyh . . Just now i try to bukak my old blog and then and BAAM erorr has occured -.- . Haishh , i miss my old blog lotsa storay .. macam diary express lah dikatakan :p dah lah malas nak tulis dalam bahas english ni memening kan kepala je . what to post lah , oh korang ada dengar lagu 'pray' ? I love that song , so , mucho :) . Children are crying , soldier are dying :) awwww , i LOVE justin bieber : he's so awesome i mean waaaaaaaaaaaaaay awesome then you man ! he dind't do anything to you , FULLSTOP -.- . . HAHA , me being hyper late night . owh , sometimes imma typo girl ! nak tulis 'LAGU' boleh tukar jadi 'KAGU' , u know what guys L & K its not that far people always do mistake just like me :))))) . Imma careless girl , really careless , always careless XDD. kay thats all byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Ur one in a million

Hello bloggers , 

Today my dad ada reunion sekolah aww . . Skip it :) , Dadd spend some time for me , spend my money for me buy me school things . When are you gonna buy all that stuff ? Skip it :p , *** why are you asking like that ? i don't have a boyfriend . For sure i'm not gonna give a friend hugs to guy cousin , and i never did it 
negative thinking lah -__-  . Seriously i don't know what to post XD , i guess thats all :p

Friday, December 17, 2010

We no speak Americano

Hello bloggers & bitches , 

This is my second blog , i don't know what happen to my first blog i guess i forget the password . How sad it is :p , I miss blogging and stuff i have no idea . But i miss my old blog :) because to much storaay in it . What happen to me now ? Me nothing interisting happen though , Owh imma learning Brittish anccent with my cousin i mean my crazy cousin :p . We may fight everyday but it doesn't mean its over ryte ? Owh , its holiday miss my friend so mucho !! miss you guys . . Tieyra , Arisa why do you guys need to leave 13 ? Seriously i miss you guys so muchoo ! I'm gonna cry T.T . 2010 was the dramatic , Happy , Sad and much more for one year ! Awww , i will always remember 2010 :) 

                                                                                                                                       -sincerely Nellysha-